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We produce no-nonsense, fully welded, durable farm trailers that will do the job, along with stock crates that can take a bit of punishment, with decent gate setups on them, and a good range of accessories. 

Every standard Trailer World ATV trailer features:

  1. New Zealand manufactured
  2. Fully welded
  3. Hot dip galvanised trailer
  4. Heavy duty RHS chassis and floor bearers
  5. NZ steel used where possible
  6. Galvanised wheels
  7. Floatation tyres
  8. Full hub and tapered bearings used not just a central bearing
  9. 250mm deep steel sides
  10. Fixed front gate with fold down rear gate
  11. 40x40 SHS box section corner posts
  12. Tek screw fitted 1st grade tanalised ply floor
  13. 1” 7/8 coupling
  14. Tie hooks around trailer base
  15. Deflector bars on mudguards
  16. High quality componentry

Available in these farm/atv sizes

Single axle 4x3,5x4,6x4

Tandem axle 8x4, 8x5

Strong and light these popular ATV trailers have been hauling hay, horse poo, sheep and calves around for many years. They go behind your vehicle or quad or even (depending on size) carry your quad

Optional extras   - rubbish crates – stock crate- jockey wheels

ATV Turntable

ATV Tilt

Feeding out Flat Deck

Click here to look at stock crates, rubbish cages and other accessories.

Modifications can be made to our current models, or for unique applications, look at our custom build service.

Most models are either in stock or arriving soon. All you need to do is contact us.

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