Rubbish Cages & Stock Crates

Travel with confidence knowing that your cargo is safely secured in one of our high-quality ultra-tough Trailer Rubbish Cages. They protect whatever is in-tow perfectly, while still allowing airflow, which is especially important when collecting and disposing of waste.

When purchasing our Rubbish Cages, you are obtaining a long-lasting item that stands up to years of use while providing easy and stress-free cargo transportation. These New Zealand manufactured trailers are also the perfect solution for livestock transportation. Built with animal’s safety and comfort in mind, these stock cages ensure a smooth and stress-free ride for all.
Features: Four-piece box section framed hot-dip galvanised steel mesh cages with rear swing door or full swing/slide door on anti-loose catch; Standing 600mm or 900mm high off the top edge of the trailer side, dropping securely into the corner uprights of the trailer.

Available in all standard trailer sizes or built to order. Contact us for a quote.

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