Narva Light

Trailer World is proud to supply Narva lights and their range of LED trailer tail lamp kits. High quality, reliable and affordable lamp kit, with the added convenience of an all-in-one package. The complete 'Plug and Play' trailer light solution with easy and quick installation to any trailer. Wirings are wrapped with waterproof connectors that quickly join lamp and trailer plugs together. No splicing or joining of any wires is required, making installation a breeze. Our range of Narva light lamp kits also includes a retro reflector and a licence plate light, as well as leads, connectors and harnesses.

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What sets Trailer World's single and tandem axle trailers apart from others on the market?

At Trailer World, our single and tandem axle trailers are designed with unmatched strength, featuring additional bearers and robust back draw bars for enhanced durability and performance. This unique construction sets us apart from the competition, ensuring that each trailer we produce can withstand various demands and conditions. For more insights on how our trailers out rivals in quality and strength, please feel free to reach out to the Trailer World team.

How does the build quality of Trailer World's trailers compare to competitors?

Trailer World stands out in the market through our use of RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections) for the structure of our trailers, unlike many competitors who opt for angle iron. This choice in material highlights our commitment to superior build quality, offering increased strength and longevity.

What specific design features does Trailer World incorporate to enhance the longevity of their trailers?

There's an old saying in engineering - it's overbuilt! Trailer World has a policy of ensuring the structural integrity of the trailers that are built and this often means more steel in the structure and more bearings under the deck to ensure a long life span. We won't compromise on quality.

How does Trailer World's trailer weight capacity compare to others in the market?

Our trailers are rated according to industry standards but the ratings of tyres and components we use often exceed the load rating of the trailer. This adherence to regulations guarantees that our trailers are both safe and capable of handling the intended loads efficiently. For specific queries regarding weight capacity, our team is more than happy to provide clarity and guidance.

What safety enhancements are unique to Trailer World trailers?

Safety is paramount at Trailer World, and we ensure this by using only the highest quality components, with no compromises. Our trailers are equipped with features that elevate their safety, reliability, and performance. For a detailed understanding of the unique safety features of our trailers, our expert team is always available to discuss.

How are Trailer World trailers adapted for New Zealand's diverse terrains?

Trailer World's trailers are engineered to be super heavy-duty, making them ideally suited to withstand the challenging and diverse terrains of New Zealand. Our design and manufacturing processes consider the local environmental and geographical conditions, ensuring that each trailer we produce can tackle the demands of New Zealand's landscapes with ease.

Can Trailer World's single axle and tandem axle trailers be customised?

Absolutely, at Trailer World, we pride ourselves on our ability to customise our trailers down to the smallest detail, tailoring them to perfectly suit your unique needs and preferences. Whether it's a minor modification or a major customisation, our team is skilled in adapting our trailers to your specific requirements. To explore the range of custom trailer options, please get in touch with us.

What people think about Trailer World:

"From inception to completion, building our vehicle transport trailer with Paul, Margot and the team at Trailer World was truly an experience in the professionalism of the highest standard. Their understanding of our specific requirements was carefully adhered to and is definitely evident in the finished product. Their after-sales service has been outstanding, in fact superb. We are thoroughly pleased with our trailer being kiwi designed and engineered with tough components! Trailer World is highly recommended!"

- Michael Wards