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A good trailer will give decades of service, but if you want to be able to rely on it every time you need it, you do need to keep on top of a little routine maintenance. For a standard trailer that is just simple things like:

  •        Keeping it clean of corrosive materials,
  •        Greasing the wheel bearings, hinges and coupling,
  •        Checking wiring and connections,
  •        Replacing the tyres
  •        Treating the timber deck

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Also important for a new trailer is a three month service, to check and tighten the hubs, and make sure all components are working well.


Of course you can wait until something goes wrong or your trailer fails a warrant check. But isn’t it better to stay on the road through programmed maintenance? You’ll get that automatically as part of a lease if you choose that option, but if you buy, we can provide it as well. It won’t cost much, and it will be worth it.


Just as important as staying on the road and being safe, and keeping other road users safe. The dangers of towing a faulty trailer came into stark focus in December 2008 when a trailer detached from a car and caused a fatality near Whangarei. Click here for our response. 

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