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When you need a trailer for personal or professional reasons, it can take a long time before you find the trailer that suits your needs and purposes. It’s not that there is a lack of good trailers on the market but they might not be the right one for what you need. 

That’s why getting a custom trailer manufactured is a great idea. With a customised trailer, whether hauling a car, horses or heavy equipment, it means that you can transport your loads in ways that best suit you. Custom trailers are often the very best answer for people looking for a trailer that fits them like a glove.

Here are some of the main reasons you might want a custom built trailer:

Custom sizing

One of the most frequent problems with buying trailers is that they’re not always the correct size. Some trailers might be too small, or even too large that there’s too much extra space for equipment to move around in. When you choose to build a custom trailer, you know you’ll have the exact size that you need to get the job done.

As long as you observe the laws about maximum trailer size and make sure you have a vehicle with the towing capacity to pull the trailer, you can design a trailer for any purpose. 

Custom weight

When you customise a trailer, you can also make changes to width and height. If your car or truck is not able to deal with the weight of your trailer, you have two options — buy a bigger vehicle or build a custom trailer that works with your current vehicle. 

If you’re unsure about maximum trailer load weight capacity, our trailer experts and their many years of industry knowledge will design a custom trailer for you to meet standard requirements. 

Custom shape

​​Anyone who has ever owned a prefabricated trailer knows the frustration of not being able to load an odd-shaped item into the trailer because of its size or shape. If you know you’re frequently going to carry odd-shaped items that don’t conform to the regular sizes of a standard trailer, using a customised trailer can solve that problem.

Additional security

Not only can you add more inches to your trailer’s length, width or height, but you can also have the option to increase security. It’s possible to place alarm systems or additional locks on your trailer to give you that extra peace of mind when you’re hauling expensive equipment and items. Also, if you’re transporting perishable goods or livestock, having custom walls and roofing can keep them safe and comfortable. 

Increase efficiency

Getting a custom trailer made to your needs and specifications can make it thoroughly efficient for your business, personal, or recreational use. Not only will custom design features help with efficiency, but they also make the trailers last longer and ensure they’re capable of handling tough terrains.

Additional storage

Additional storage is one of the more frequent needs of people who own trailers. You might not think that you would need storage until you use your trailer for a couple of years and realise it would suit a ute storage box, but is there room to add storage? Customising your trailer with a trailer storage box in mind can provide you with the exact sizing that takes into consideration smaller items for storage. With a custom trailer, you can have a sectioned space built with a lid or cover to transport all kinds of equipment.

Customisation provides you with endless opportunities to create the trailer of your dreams. Instead of spending hundreds of extra dollars on the biggest and latest trailer model that might not deliver what you need, investing in a custom trailer with all the features and designs made to your specifications can be the best choice.

Ready to explore your custom trailer options? Chat with the friendly staff at Trailer World. We are happy to answer questions and guide you through the process. Trailer World has helped many customers create a range of custom trailers. They are ready to help you customise a trailer that will suit all your business and personal needs and work hard for you for many years.