Our Story

Our Story

In the year 2000, Paul’s dad decided to buy a trailer for home use. As a thorough kind of guy he went into research mode and discovered that most trailer manufacturers were grubby engineers who dragged themselves out from under a trailer, were covered in black steel dust and not what you would call customer focused – or even helpful.


Paul has a background in the automotive industry and thought then that there was a market for a trailer yard like a car yard where you could go and look at a range of trailers on display and drive away with a new one and/or trade in an old one.


Trailer World then burst into life in November 2000. Bringing together a team of experienced engineers, we started with a range of small domestic trailers and sold them through trade and exchange and local paper adverts. As we had two small children it was decided we should start the business at home so Margot could be there during the day and still be looking after the boys.


We would also buy used ones, refurbish them and then sell them.


In 2003 (I think) Paul started working in the business full time. We employed staff to assemble new trailers and assist with running the business.


We gained a reputation for quality product and service, and started getting referrals from satisfied customers.


Our turnover almost tripled in one year and we have never looked back.


In 2003 we start offering operating leases on trailers (like vehicle leasing, for terms from 1-5 years) as a more flexible and attractive option, and this has been very popular.


We also had enquiry for lease floats and now have a number of new and used floats out on lease for 6 to 36 months.


Trailer World remains our family business and that original vision of providing a trailer yard for you to get the right trailer or float at a good price, with the right advice and service as well, still motivates us.


That is what we mean by ‘Trailer World - loads better’.

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